Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Job Austin

Austin getting an award for track.

We are proud of you!
Love you!

What Happened in May...Liam turned 6!

Liam wants to be a Firefighter. He has said that for about 3 years now. So this year we had a Firefighter party!

Happy Easter!

Liam and Beau showing off the Crown cake we made for Easter.

We made a Crown cake to remember how Jesus wore a crown of thorns on the cross and now a Heavenly crown.

It's Been A While....oops!

So many changes...where to start? Summer is over. Austin is back in school. Liam started school and we now have an exchange student, Omar. Omar goes to school with Austin. I stopped working at Target and only do the daycare full time. I am still looking for one more child. My prayer is to find a 3 yr old or 4 yr old so Beau has someone to play with.