Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today Austin brought home his report card. I'm soo proud of him.
Another straight A's report card!!! Well done son!
Things have been a bit crazy here but he has stayed focused and continues to do the right thing.
I'm so thankful he is staying focused and keeping up with his work on his own. One more step to adulthood!
I look forward to watching him continue to mature.
Yesterday he went with me comping. He was able to have me to himself and share some of his thoughts. Wow, this young man is really right on!
He has Biology and Bio-Medical right now. I asked him if he still feels like he wants to become a Biochemist now that he is in those classes. He gave me one very firm YES! He still feels strongly that finding cures is what he should be doing.
Austin, we are proud of you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Race Car Driver

Beau dressed up as a race car driver.
Dress up is big in our house. The little boys love to pretend. When Beau was 2 he got this same outfit much smaller for Christmas. He loved it so much I couldn't get it off him for 3 or 4 days. LOL!

Halloween Pictures

Beau, Austin and Liam...Handsome took these for me
Liam and Beau

Austin and the porch guy!
Thank you Handsome for taking the pictures for me!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missed Halloween

This year I missed Halloween. Thank God for my Handsome! My back and ulcers took me down that day. I spent the day pretty much in bed. My sweet Handsome got me some medication and rub for my back and I pulled out the Nexium and prayed all day for God to relieve the pains. Thankfully I was able to sleep a little thru it but it did seem like every time I started to fall asleep someone would come in my room to talk to me. My loving Handsome took the boys trick or treating and they had a great time. He also took some pictures. I still have yet to down load those….maybe tomorrow. Austin handed out candy and the little boys only did a couple streets but they had a great time. I plan to not miss next year…make it bigger and better than ever since I missed this year.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Relearning Lessons Can be Painful

I’m relearning that no matter how much you love someone if they don’t love themselves they will continue to make bad choices…continue to hurt themselves over and over again. I can’t stop them with words, hugs or providing a safe place for them. In fact providing a safe place for them to continue to hurt themselves will only prolong this choice. UGH! I would be enabling them to continue this…so with a breaking heart I stopped. I pray one day…very soon…they are able to see clearly how they are hurting themselves and stop. Never stop praying….God’s timing is perfect and He always answers prayers. Sometimes with a no but He answers. I have found He tell me to wait a lot. So in this time of wait I will continue to pray and keep my eyes on God and be thankful for all things…even those that break my heart.