Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Smiles!

I pulled the St. Patrick's hats out the other day.
They love to play with them


Silly boys!

Liam and Beau!!

Liam's Latest Phrase

Randomly I hear....
"I love you so much I can't stop saying I love you!"
How sweet! Ok what does he want??

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring is Coming

Lately as I drive around the city I've noticed some of the bulbs are starting to pop up and some trees have flowers. I love Spring. I'm looking forward to more days at the park and playing outside. I'm going to get some flowers for the pots next to our door. I miss having flowers by the door. I pulled out the St. Patrick Day decorations today. We don't have much but it's nice to put those out. I'm looking forward to adding flowers this year to the yard. I hope our grass fills in more this year too. I have great plans for the yard. I'm looking forward to playing with bubbles, the soccer ball, water guns, calk...etc. I'm ready for Spring!!!

He Spells

I've been working on and off with the kids on spelling different words. Liam can spell and read a handful of words and Lauren can do even more than Liam. Beau always seems to be in his own world and not getting it. Well this weekend to our shock Beau spelled LIAM, BEAU, MOM & DAD!!! He's getting it!! I thought he wasn't paying attention!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Who forgot to tell Corp he wasn't supposed to bark?? Who forgot to tell him he was a bulldog? Who forgot to tell him bulldogs are lazy? He is the spunkiest puppy!! He wants to lay on my lap and nap but if I take him off my lap he is ready to play full force with anything moving. Brewster and Corp run around the fireplace having so much fun together. It would be wonderful if Max would join them. Hopefully he will warm up to the puppy soon. Corp's face is starting to change. I hope to get some pictures of him today, if I can get him to sit still! LOL!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I love you! I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned for you! Keep up with your homework. Enjoy school as much as you can. Keep your room clean! Remember to laugh often! Remember we love you! We want the best for you...YOUR BEST! Study daily for all your classes. Run, Run, and then run some more. Stay up with your running it will help you. Remember you can tell me anything and I will always love you! I'm always going to be honest with you and give you the best advice I have. Learn from your mistakes...make them learning opportunities instead of just another mistake. Speak with everyone! Listen to all that someone has to stay even if you disagree. They are more likely to hear you out if you hear them out. I love you! I'm proud of you!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Gift!

This year's gift was one of my favorites. Matt had 3 necklaces made for me. One for each child and the necklace has a picture of one of the boys. I love them!!!! Beau was the first to ask me to wear his so I wore his yesterday. I wore Liam's today. Tomorrow I'll wear Austin's. I love that they are each different and unique just like my boys.

Thank you Handsome!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sergeant No More

Liam has refused to call the puppy Sergeant. The first name that comes to my lips when we are trying to get the puppy's attention is Corp but then I say Sergeant. Last night even Matt called him Corp. I asked him "What did you call the puppy?" Matt said ok he's Corp not Sergeant. I haven't sent off his papers yet. I think on his papers I might still put Sergeant Major N and we will call him Corp.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look Mom!

Here are the boys showing me their big arm muscles! Liam got soo tickled by trying to flex he couldn't stop laughing. Look close Beau has his pj shirt on backwards...he knows it is backwards and wants it that way. He is a unique one!


Tonight I took Liam comp shopping. He wore Christmas bell necklace. On the way to Wal-Mart Liam said "Mommy, you know why I wore my bell?" "No Liam, why did you wear your bell?" "To warn people I'm coming" Warn people??? Why do people need to be warned? LOL!! He says the silliest things.


Playing at the park is always fun. I'm looking forward to more days of running in the grass and playing at the park.

Today is very windy but we had a good time. Liam and Lauren pretended to be monkeys! I love the funny monkey sounds they make when they pretend to be monkeys. I wish I knew how to put video on here. I would record them so you could hear them!!

Lauren is the only one that is really good at swinging. She is getting so good at pumping her own legs. She is growing up so fast!

Beau won't go down the slides. I'm not sure why he has gone down all the smaller slides in the past. But today he said "Not Me first...nope not Me. Lauren you want to go first then I'll go" Lauren was happy to go first. She goes done the largest slide laughing the whole way down so a small slide is simple for her. She went down and then Beau said "NOPE" and went right back down the stairs. I offered to hold his hand so he could go down but he said No. I'm not sure why he is afraid now but I'm sure this too will pass.

I love this picture of Liam. It's a little blurry but I love that you can see how silly he is. They all had such a good time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sergeant Major!

We are calling him Sergeant!!
Liam still calls him Corp. He says he likes that name better!! I agree. But Sergeant is Matt's dog so Matt gets to name him. In a couple years I'll get an Akita. But for now 3 kids, 3 dogs and a rabbit is enough.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Pictures

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

More pictures to come. I'm going to try to work more with the hearts backdrop.

Beau didn't want his picture taken. I hope to get one of the three of them together. Beau is not happy to have a new puppy. I think he feels like the puppy is getting too much attention.


Today I took 3 kids and 2 dogs on a walk. LOL!!! We got out all our wiggles and extra energy. We didn't walk far but we walked in the neighborhood. It's so beautiful outside. Lauren and Liam walked Brewster for a short bit. I need to show them how to do that better. Lauren let go of the leash. Thankfully Brewster didn't run off. LOL!!! Can you just see that?!?! So I think tomorrow if the weather is nice we will just take Brewster for a walk so I can work with each of them on how to hold the leash and how to get Brewster to walk with them. I know they will love that. Tomorrow if the weather is just as good I'm going to take the kids and puppy to the park.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Puppy Love

Liam has won over the puppy!!

I'm trying to get a really good picture of his freckles. They are so cute!


We are having fun trying to guess who is voting. Please feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment so we know who has voted.
Time to take the little guy out!


Last night we had pancakes for dinner. We had the new Fiber Plus ones. On my second bite I said "Wow these are really dense." To that Liam said "Who is dense? Daddy or Austin?" LOL!!!! It was so funny I couldn't help but to laugh hard. I said no the pancakes. But I couldn't stop laughing. The little guys say the funniest things!!


Here are some new pictures of the puppy! I gave up on Corp being his name. Liam is very sad. Liam loves the name Corp. Matt is going to decided tomorrow.

Can you see his freckles?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Corp

What a face!!
This little guy can snore up a storm!

I will put more pictures of him on here tomorrow. I wanted to add to the list of names on the poll but Matt won't let me. I thought about adding My Corp and Jody. Matt won't let me add those but he got a good laugh.

Beau is still warming up to the new puppy. I'm not sure why Beaus is having a hard time, maybe it's because the puppy hops around. Corp wants to play with Brewster and Max but they still aren't sure about him either. Hopefully they will warm up and play together.

New Family Member

Meet our Newest Family Member...for now his name is Corp.
You pronounce that Cor. We haven't decided for sure his full name.
I like Sgt. Corp. Matt like Sgt. Major.
I'm going to set up a vote on the side of my blog. You decide.
He is a 2 months old English Bulldog. They said he will probably end up being 55lbs.

I love his face!

We had a hard time getting a picture of him looking at the camera!

Don't forget to vote!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Triple Coupons

My local grocery store is having triple coupons. Jennifer and I went tonight for our first run. We did pretty well. I will get the totals together tomorrow. My receipts are in the van and it’s super cold outside. I plan to go each day they are doing this. I’m looking forward to more free things. If you have never tried coupons you are missing out on some great deals.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Liam doesn’t like cooked tomatoes. I don’t know why but he won’t eat chili or spaghetti. Don’t even try to give him lasagna. But tonight he ate my spaghetti and he said “Mommy you make the best spaghetti and bread”. Yippee!!!


Today was one of the coldest days of the year so far. It was beyond cold. It snowed last night. Not enough to play in it but the roads were icy so school was canceled. I enjoyed having Austin here. I didn’t get out to comp shop today because it was just so cold. We made today about cleaning and having fun. One hour of house cleaning then some movies and games. I love days like this...just hanging out at the house without somewhere to run.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growth Spurt

There is a growth spurt going on in our house. Not just the growing teen but also the little ones too. Today for lunch Liam had 2 hot dogs, a banana and a peanut butter sandwich. Lauren had the same thing!! Beau ate 2 hot dogs and a banana. I think this means they are going to grow another inch or two in the couple weeks!!! Nap time has also become so important to having a good attitude. Liam had just about stopped taking one and now he sleeps hard. I’m sure part of it is because he is getting over a cold but also because he is growing. Thank You God for all the wonderful hand-me-downs waiting for them to grow into. I wish all this extra eating would make Beau's hair grow back faster!

Austin has already outgrown the new slacks I got him for Christmas to wear to Church. He pointed out this Sunday how they are high waters. He has only worn one pair. The other pair never even got worn! I’m looking forward to warm weather so he can wear shorts. He doesn’t outgrow those as fast. I know all the pants he has now will not fit next fall/winter. I wish I knew what size he will be next fall but I have no idea so I’m not going to try to pick up larger pants for next year, just pants that will fit now with a little growth room. I think by the end of 2009 Austin just might hit the 6ft mark.

Isn't she pretty!

Jennifer today. I know there are family members out there that haven't seen her since she moved. Doesn't she look beautiful? I don't want to put too much about her on her because I want her to be the first to tell everyone the exciting things going on for her. But I will share I'm over the moon excited for her!!! I'm so proud of her. I'm so thankful she is here. I love you Jennifer!!!

Nana from Peter Pan has Competition!!

Does he think he is one of the kids??

Can a dog be more sweet and loving??

Monday, February 2, 2009


I love music. I'm not sure if it's because that was something my Grandma B loved or if it's because I remember driving in the car/truck with each of my parents singing along with them. I always thought it was funny that my mom loved country when my dad liked hard rock. Then within one month Grandma Jean (what the kids call her) started to listen to hard rock and Grandpa Bob (what the kids call him) started to listen to country!!! Too funny. I think it surprised Grandpa Bob when I already knew the words to the songs! I love having music on during the day. I want our boys to love music as much as I do. I play all kinds of music - Christian praise, country, hard rock, top 50, classical, etc... Beau loves hard rock. He is my rock-n-roll boy. Beau's favorite song is Slow Ride. Liam says he loves Cowboy music. Right now Liam's favorite song is Chicken Fried. I must admit it is funny to hear your 4 year old son sing about a cold beer on a Friday night. About a week ago I turned on the Cowboy music for us while we were cleaning. Matt was shocked that Liam knew all the words to that song. Matt listens to talk radio so he misses out on our music time. Austin loves Christian praise music and country. One day I hope to master putting a video on the blog so you can see the little guys put on a concert. They love dancing around and "playing guitars" to the music. Lauren is the best dancer. Liam makes up his own moves....if you are having a bad day there is nothing like watching Liam dance to change your mood. I recently bought 2 cd's of music from the 1950's. It's fun to see the kids dance and learn those songs.


Wow! What a great movie!!! Grab a box of tissues and your spouse or a couple friends and enjoy an awesome movie!!! Matt, Austin and I all watched it yesterday. All three of us enjoyed it. For me it's up there with P.S. I Love YOU! I love that it shows how with God your marriage can be awesome and that marriage is not all about feelings.