Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growth Spurt

There is a growth spurt going on in our house. Not just the growing teen but also the little ones too. Today for lunch Liam had 2 hot dogs, a banana and a peanut butter sandwich. Lauren had the same thing!! Beau ate 2 hot dogs and a banana. I think this means they are going to grow another inch or two in the couple weeks!!! Nap time has also become so important to having a good attitude. Liam had just about stopped taking one and now he sleeps hard. I’m sure part of it is because he is getting over a cold but also because he is growing. Thank You God for all the wonderful hand-me-downs waiting for them to grow into. I wish all this extra eating would make Beau's hair grow back faster!

Austin has already outgrown the new slacks I got him for Christmas to wear to Church. He pointed out this Sunday how they are high waters. He has only worn one pair. The other pair never even got worn! I’m looking forward to warm weather so he can wear shorts. He doesn’t outgrow those as fast. I know all the pants he has now will not fit next fall/winter. I wish I knew what size he will be next fall but I have no idea so I’m not going to try to pick up larger pants for next year, just pants that will fit now with a little growth room. I think by the end of 2009 Austin just might hit the 6ft mark.

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