Monday, February 2, 2009


I love music. I'm not sure if it's because that was something my Grandma B loved or if it's because I remember driving in the car/truck with each of my parents singing along with them. I always thought it was funny that my mom loved country when my dad liked hard rock. Then within one month Grandma Jean (what the kids call her) started to listen to hard rock and Grandpa Bob (what the kids call him) started to listen to country!!! Too funny. I think it surprised Grandpa Bob when I already knew the words to the songs! I love having music on during the day. I want our boys to love music as much as I do. I play all kinds of music - Christian praise, country, hard rock, top 50, classical, etc... Beau loves hard rock. He is my rock-n-roll boy. Beau's favorite song is Slow Ride. Liam says he loves Cowboy music. Right now Liam's favorite song is Chicken Fried. I must admit it is funny to hear your 4 year old son sing about a cold beer on a Friday night. About a week ago I turned on the Cowboy music for us while we were cleaning. Matt was shocked that Liam knew all the words to that song. Matt listens to talk radio so he misses out on our music time. Austin loves Christian praise music and country. One day I hope to master putting a video on the blog so you can see the little guys put on a concert. They love dancing around and "playing guitars" to the music. Lauren is the best dancer. Liam makes up his own moves....if you are having a bad day there is nothing like watching Liam dance to change your mood. I recently bought 2 cd's of music from the 1950's. It's fun to see the kids dance and learn those songs.

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