Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Senior Honor Night

Austin was honored for being on the cross country team for 2 years.  He did it all 4 years but only completed 2 full years.  We are so proud of you Austin! 

What a great night! 

Fire Department Visit

Liam wants to be a Fire Fighter when he grows up. 
We visited the local fire deparment.
What a great group of men!
I look forward to the day Liam can start volunteering there.
After this visit Robert started volunteering there. 

Austin is 18!!!!

 Austin...I love you!
 I'm proud of you!

 As you are walking into the next phase of your life know I'm always here for you!
 Yep I'm in shock...how can it be my son is 18!
I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
 Austin and Dad
 All of us - me, Austin, Handsome, Robert, Beau and Liam
Happy Birthday!!!
I pray you walk thru each door God has open for you!
I'm praying for your wife and your children.
I'm praying you always know and feel how much you are loved!