Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Build A Bear

Lauren's parents got all three little kids a Build A Bear gift card for Christmas. I've always heard how much fun it is to build a friend there. But I truly had no idea just how much fun it would be. They loved it. Lauren is a lot more outgoing and had already been there before with her parents. Liam and Beau took clues from Lauren. Beau picked a dog, Woof Dog. Liam changed his mind several times on which friend to build. He decided on the tiger, Stripes. Lauren knew right away what she wanted, Jessica – a black bear. Yep we went to Build A Bear and Lauren is the only one that actually got a bear!!! We allowed each one to pick a sound for their new friends. Liam picked a growl, Beau picked a bark but Lauren didn’t want a sound. She said she likes Jessica just like she is. Once it was our turn the fun began. They each got a heart and began to follow instructions on filling the heart with what their new friend needs. Beau was first to fill Woof Dog with stuffing. He didn’t understand why he had to put the heart in Woof Dog. He wanted the heart back. LOL! Once Woof Dog was done it was Stripes turn. Liam loved doing the petal. Lauren was thrilled when it was her turn. She already had a name picked out and told the lady her plans she had already thought of to do with Jessica. Then we were off to the washing station. Beau couldn’t get over the fact that only air was coming out. Lauren taught both boys how to use the scrub brushes to “clean up” their friends. Then we told the kids they could pick one thing for their new friend to wear. Liam had the hardest time picking. Beau wanted whatever Liam wanted until Matt pointed out a NASCAR t-shirt. Woof Dog has a NASCAR shirt! Liam finally picked a vest. Matt tried to talk me into getting Liam’s tiger some glasses too. I told Liam when we come back he could get glasses. Lauren picked a birthday cake for Jessica. I showed her tons of shirts but she wanted the birthday cake. Even thru Stripes and Woof Dog are boys they all picked out bows for their friends. Then off to the computers to create their birth certificates. When we left Lauren said that was the funnest! The little guys were so excited to have their own Build A Bear! They each proudly carried their boxes to the van.

Liam with Stripes and Beau with Woof Dog



Tired of being

Hassled by your

Stupid parents?

Act Now

Move out, Get a job,

Pay your own bills...

While you still know


I got that for Austin for Christmas. I never realized how much a teenager could debate until Austin became a teenager. Austin can debate what shade of blue the sky is. Or when the little guys are given video game time and I ask him if he is playing too. He doesn’t answer that he just says the little ones are playing. I know they are I’m asking are you – who should be studying or doing chores – playing??? Austin plans to become a biochemist but I’m thinking attorney would be good too! I know this ability to debate must be a gift from God but when he is debating his chores or what we ask him to do it’s hard to praise him for this skill. Liam has started to debate what he is asked to do! UGH! When Austin sees Liam debate what he is asked to do Austin does realize how annoying it is.
I love you Austin!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Blog

My first blog!! I'm going to do my best to keep up with this. A little about me. I'm happily married to my Handsome. I'm a mother of 3 boys - Austin age 15, Liam age 4, Beau age 3. I work part time at Target and also watch the sweetest little girl during the week, Lauren. We also have 2 dogs - Max and Brewster - and a rabbit - Oreo. We are a busy family.

Here is my most current picture of my boys together.

Here is my Handsome! We have been married for 5 years. He is the love of my life. Every year is better than the one before it.
As you can tell from the title I'm Christian. I'm sure you will hear about my trials and blessings in future blogs. One of the reasons I decided to do a blog was so my children could look back and see how God worked all things out for His glory in my life and theirs while they were little. I think we often forget what blessings we have been given as we continue to move forward in our life. One day I hope to sit down and write (type) my whole life. I think it would be a great soap opera! Thru out my life the theme has always been how God has provided and how even in the face of trials I always have HOPE!