Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Job Austin

Austin getting an award for track.

We are proud of you!
Love you!

What Happened in May...Liam turned 6!

Liam wants to be a Firefighter. He has said that for about 3 years now. So this year we had a Firefighter party!

Happy Easter!

Liam and Beau showing off the Crown cake we made for Easter.

We made a Crown cake to remember how Jesus wore a crown of thorns on the cross and now a Heavenly crown.

It's Been A While....oops!

So many changes...where to start? Summer is over. Austin is back in school. Liam started school and we now have an exchange student, Omar. Omar goes to school with Austin. I stopped working at Target and only do the daycare full time. I am still looking for one more child. My prayer is to find a 3 yr old or 4 yr old so Beau has someone to play with.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Caulk Art

The sun with one cloud by Beau
Cloud with lighting by Liam
More clouds with cool lighting by Liam

I love caulk art. They always say they don't know what to draw but once they get started they have a great time. We have had lots of rain the last couple days....but this was done on a nice sunny day. It's raining again today...maybe we can do more caulk art tomorrow?

My Love

I love you Handsome!
You are the love of my life!
I love waking up next to you.
I thank God for you!
I know God has great plans for our family.

Sorting Game

I have one of those bags in my laundry room that doesn't get that much attention but it should. It's my I only have one of these socks this load...put it in the bag and one day when I have time I will go thru the bag and make pairs. One day last month I asked Austin to do just that. He had lost the privilege to watch tv and needed something to do. LOL! In my house that is alway great for me...I will have you do things I just don't seem to find time to do. Austin didn't seem to thrilled about doing it but he pulled the large bag out of the laundry room and sat down next to the ottoman. He started to pull the socks out one at a time. Liam and Beau thought it looked like fun and wanted to help. So the sorting game began. Austin taught the boys how to bundle the socks together and watched carefully to make sure each one really was a match. They must have found 50 pairs! It was wonderful. Austin had been telling me he needed more socks...not anymore! We found several pairs the little guys had outgrown and passed those on. I did find a couple funny pairs in my drawer! Now the little guys ask often if they can play the sock matching game. Sounds great to me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Liam enjoying a warm day at the park!
Beau loves going to the park!

I love this picture of Liam!
Liam had a great time going down the slide and climbing.
Olivia clapping, she loved the swing!

We had so much fun at the park today. I'm looking forward to more fun days outside.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ms. Monique's!!!

I'm done with the DSS process!!!
I now have my papers!!
Ms. Monique's is open for business!!
I have 3 openings!
I'm praying to find at least once close to Beau's age so he has a learning partner.
I still have to have the city check the house....I hope to get that done this week.
Please pray for God to fill those spots quickly!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Compost Tumbler

I've had my tumbler for about 4 years now. I love it. Until last year I used the black gold around our bushes and tree. But last year Handsome and Austin built me a raised garden. Last summer things got so crazy I didn't get to do as much with my garden as I would have liked. So this spring is a fresh start! I'm going to plant tons of tomatoes. We eat so many. I'm going to use the garden to teach the boys about science and hopefully add to our table too!!
I'm looking forward to gardening this year!!

Lego Land

Neither one of the boys wanted to stop for me to take a picture. 2 days and counting of Lego Land on the table. I got Austin tons of Lego's when he was little. But I gave them away thinking I wasn't going to have anymore kids. I know Lego's will find their way to our house.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I took the Wii away. The kids were fighting and not listening. So the Wii is gone for a while. Today is a cold wet day outside so I pulled out Lego's. I pulled out the super big ones for Olivia. She isn't sure what to do with them but I know one day she will love them. The boys got the super small ones. They have been playing with them for hours. I think I'm going to start looking for more at yard sales this spring. I love toys like these!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair Cuts

Today was a very busy day but I found the time to stop and get the little guys hair cuts.

This time Beau's hair turned out exactly as I hoped....but Liam's is too short in the front again! UGH!!!
The person doing Beau's says this is called a Prince William hair cut...looks like a Prince Beau hair cut to me!!
Liam loves it...he says it's an Austin hair cut! What a sweet boy he is! He loves his big brother.
This is the face I get when I correct him and he realizes that I'm right! LOL!! What a face! Hopefully he won't give this face to his teachers next year.

Coldest Winter in 20 Years

We are having the coldest winter in 20 years.

Thick fluffy snow!

Liam is wearing his snowsuit. The snowsuit kept Liam warm and he had a great time!

Beau didn't fit into the other snowsuit so it wasn't as much fun...but he did have a good time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We have 3 dogs. So the statement "Please take the dogs out" is said often. Austin takes all three out every morning, when he gets home and before bed. I take them out during the day when he is at school. Today Beau and Liam each asked they could take out a dog. So I let Beau take Brewster out...I will probably have to help a couple more times before Beau can do it on his own but I think Beau can start doing Brewster!! Liam took Max out. Max is Austin's dog but I know Austin would be thrilled not to have to take him everytime! Liam did very well and I will probably only need to help him a couple more times. For the next couple years I think it's gotta be Austin, Handsome or myself to take out Corps. I love that the little boys are willing to take on more responsibilities. They are growing up very fast. I know Austin is going to be thrilled to pass on some of his chores!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Board Games

Now that Liam and Beau are 4 and 5 we can play board games!!! I have such great memories of playing board games with my Grandparents and with friends. I used to play board games with Austin for hours. I remember my Grandpa Fred teaching me life lessons playing dominoes. He would tell me to make sure I was lining up more than one move at a time and that I needed to be willing to change my moves without getting live! He would point out some moves look good but if you look 2 or 3 moves later they weren't the best choice. He would take the time to explain to me that is like life...You may think you are making a good choice but it's really not the best choice and to pray and look ahead before you make your life choices. I hope to be able to pass on the same lesson to my boys. I also hope to teach them how I learned that from my Grandpa Fred. I miss him greatly!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Why is it babies are afraid of the vacuum, but bull dogs think they are great and want to chase them?? Corps thinks my vacuum is fun to chase. Olivia cries when I vacuum so I don't do it when she is here. Corps is up while she is here so now he is out while I vacuum.
Never boring!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grandma Shirley

I have been calling her daily. For the last 3 days she has sounded stronger! She is able to breath much easier. I think that is because smoker are now not around her. I wish I could move her to our house. I think she would love it here and would get stronger. I know she isn't up to the travel to get here so I know for now all I can do is pray.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back at it...

Last fall I lost 20lbs. I took off the holidays knowing it would be too hard to avoid the holiday cookies, sweets, bread...etc... I started to do this last month but there were too many stresses that popped up. Well I'm back at it and going strong. I'm going to do protein shakes only for the first 5 days to give myself a jump start. I put on 6 of that 20lbs back on so I'm hoping to drop those in the next week or two then get started on the next 20! I did the dread mill today with Disney music going. The kids love dancing to the music and Olivia thinks they are putting on a show for her! Great times! I'm looking forward to my clothes getting loose again. I bought a couple things last month to encourage myself to keep it up and motivate myself. I have a black dress I want to get into! My goal is to drop 20lbs by the end of spring.

Beauty and the Beast

I love this movie. I love the lesson of don't judge a book by its cover! I also love how Bell is not a princess and loves learning!
Almost every slumber party I say "Let's watch Beauty and the Beast" Everytime the boys say "AAWW...not Beauty and the Beast". It's become a funny thing to say knowing they will say no way Mom. I haven't watched it in over 6 months, but last night I did pick that and enjoyed it. The boys fell asleep quickly and didn't see much of the moive.
I'm going to miss my slumber parties with the little guys when Liam starts school.
I know before long we will only be able to have a slumber party on a Friday or Saturday night.
I need to start taking some pictures of them at our next slumber party.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grandma Shirley

My Grandma Shirley is sick.
She is very sick and in the hospital.
She had a pacemaker put in today.
She needs to have her gallbladder removed. It's infected.
They found out today she still has pneumonia.
She has been battling pneumonia for about a year now.
The Dr.'s don't think she is going to make it another couple months.
She has been in and out of the hospital for months.
She is very weak now.
I spoke to her tonight. Her voice was soo weak and she coughed 90% of the time.
Sadly she hasn't meet Beau. Her last visit I was pregnant with Beau.
I have a picture somewhere of her holding Liam.
She has been trying to save up to visit for a couple years....but then her health went downhill.
Please pray for my Grandma Shirley.
I want God's will more than anything.
I personally would love for her to meet all of my children.
I want her to be healthy.
I want her to know my boys.
I want to introduce her to my Handsome.
I'm not ready to say good bye or to let go of the hope of introducing her to my family.
I love you Grandma Shirley!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daydreaming of Summer

We are having the coldest winter in 20 years.
Enough!!!! I call Uncle...bring on the warmer weather already!!
When is Spring going to get here??
I'm looking forward to Spring.
I miss flowers.
I miss my green trees.
I miss the sounds of birds singing their "Thank you" songs for the bird seed.
I miss warm breezes.
I love my fireplace but hate the cost of running it!
I love hot coco...and warm cider.
I love a good snow ball fight and sliding down the hill.
We have done all of this...please God bring on the warmer weather!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Pictures

" I'll stay by the fire...have fun! " Max
Austin watching the little guys and Dad going down the hill

Austin...snow ball ready to get Dad
Beau getting Dad with a snowball
Going down hill...what fun!

Liam...pure joy!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


We got snow!!!
Not a whole lot but snow!
The boys all had snow ball fights and slid down the street.
Beau and Liam both tried to make a snow angel but there really wasn't enough snow to do that.
We got a little more tonight. I hope we get a lot more while we are sleeping.
Sadly the roads were so bad today I had to call out.
I'm hoping to make up some of those hours tomorrow if the roads are better.

Friday, January 29, 2010


We have had 3 renters so far. This one seems to be the best of the bunch...that is said before I see the inside of the house. He has a 6 month lease with the option to do another 6 months. I'm not sure if he plans on doing moving out or staying another six months. Month six is March so I want to have time to either get it on the market again and info out for rent. I hope he replies this weekend....even if it's just to say he doesn't know yet. My prayer is this house sells. I am thankful for this renter and that God has provided!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Beau is reading!!!!
Today Beau brought me Hop on Pop and asked me to read it to him.
I asked him to try to sound out the words. With ease he read the first couple pages!!
I'm sooo proud of him!


All of my boys are tall for their age. Austin is probably right in the mix for a 16 year old boy. He is close to 6'1. Liam is wearing sizes 5-7 depending on what it is. Beau is wearing size 4-6 depending on what it is. We have both Liam and Beau in the same Sunday School class because Beau isn't ready to be in class by himself. Liam is in the right class and Beau is in with kids a year older. Lauren and Jaelyn join us for Church. So when I take the kids to their class I have 3 for one class....Liam and Lauren are the same age and basicly the same size. Almost every time there is a new teacher they remind me the class is for 5 year olds and the bigger kids are down another hall. Thank you for that info, they are 5!! I smile and say "They are 5 but Beau is 4 and won't stay in his own room so they have given him permission to stay with his brother." They always say something like "Wow they look like they are 7!"
I know since we held Liam back one year from starting school he will tower over the other kids! But I also know he will do very well and in a couple years they will catch up. Beau wants to be taller than Liam. He will eat just about anything we tell him it will help him grow taller! LOL!! I think Beau just might be the tallest of the 3...I'm looking forward to seeing my grown sons one day!

Last Tuesday at Target

I have changed my hours at Target to get ready for the daycare. So tonight was my last night at the store on a least for now! WooHoo!! I'm looking forward to more dinners at home. This should also give me more hours with Target...or at least that is my hope! I hope to get at least 23 hours a week now at Target. I hope to get back my health insurance for next year. I'm looking forward to not having to rush off on Tuesday nights. Thank you God!! I am so thankful for my Target job and being able to be at home with the kids during the day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Talker

All that extra sleep has given Beau extra sweet words.
I am still working on the nursery room. It's hard to get a lot done during the week, but I try to do 10-15 minutes a couple times a day and I can see it's slowly changing! I was moving some things around while the boys were eating. Beau popped around the corner all smiles…He said “Mommy your aren’t a Mommy you’re a Princess!” I told him “I’m both!”
My little sweet talker!

Awake Yet?

It's 11:30am and Beau is still asleep. He had a hard time going to sleep last night but I think he is growing. I have a feeling when he does get up today he will be an inch taller! He has been eating more than Liam lately. I think I just heard him get up! I can't wait to hear all about his dreams...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Be a Person of Your Word

I'm teaching the kids to be a person of their word. I want them to learn that what you have doesn't define who you are and that if you say you are going to do something you follow thru with it. I want my boys to grow up to be honest men. So many people say they are going to do something and never do it. They don't follow thru on their promises. They are like the boy who called wolf. No one will trust them or believe them because they have lied so many times. I don't want that for my children. I want my children to be honest and a person of their word. That will make a huge difference in their lives. At work their employers will know that when they say they are sick or will have a project done at this date it is true. Or if they are the employer their employees will know if they say they are working hard to find benefits at the best rates possible the employees know they are being honest. That will make a difference in their friendships, dating, marriages and relationships with family and friends. Sadly I have been lied to more often lately by family members. This only makes me feel more strongly about teaching my boys how important it is not to lie. The lesson I'm also gaining from this situation is some people are not truthful even when you are. I am a person of my the end of the day it does make a difference in who am. When people ask me questions they know I'm going to be honest. When I give my word I'm going to do somthing they know I will follow thru. Sadly sharing DNA doesn't mean having the same morals. It's one thing to disagree and be honest another to flat out lie. I hope no one ever views my children this way. I pray they learn the value of being a person of your word and honest. God will teach those that lie how horrible it is by the consequences that will come from their choices. Boys make good choices, be honest with yourself and others, be a man of your word. God will bless your socks off!


Now at 8 months she is picking up different words. Just a couple right now but I can see she is trying to say others and wants to talk with us more. Her stories are always interesting so I'm looking forward to hearing them in English! LOL!!! Big football games yesterday. How do I know Olivia watched the games with her parents...."OOH YEAH" We are still working on rolling...she moves around very well for baby who isn't crawling yet. Working on that one too. I think she is working on speaking and we are trying to get her to roll and! I'm sure when she is ready she will be on the move and fast!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liam on Getting Married

This week Liam came to me with a very worried face.
Liam "Mom I can't marry Lauren..she doesn't live with us. We have to live together to get married."
Mom calmly "You can marry Lauren. You have to go to college first then marry Lauren then live together. God wants you to be married first then live together. You need to finish college first because you guys want to have 100 will need a very good paying job to care of them."
Liam relieved "Ok, no one explained this to me but now that I know we don't live together until we are married I can marry Lauren and be happy."
Liam, it's always interesting to see you put things together and learn and grow! I'm so happy you look forward to being married. Your Dad and I want all 3 of you boys to be wonderful husbands and fathers.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A's Again!

Austin, today you brought home straight A's again!!!
WooHoo!!! One step closer to a full ride scholarship! I’m so proud of you. You continue to grow and mature and become a man I can be proud to call my son. Continue to learn from your choices both good and bad. Continue to learn from others choices. Wise people don’t have to experience everything for themselves…they learn from watching others too! The difference between wisdom and knowledge is the scares from making those choices….knowledge comes from making those bad choices and living thru the consequences. Put God first always! Know you are loved!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We had a couple days of warm weather this week. I enjoyed not hearing the heat kick on and the kids loved wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts. Well that weather is gone and the cold and rain is back. I’m very thankful for the rain. We had a drought for a couple years so I enjoy the rain. I used to let Austin put rain boots on and splash in the puddles when he was younger. He would take a warm bath afterwards and I would make us hot coco and watch a fun kids movie. I haven’t done that with the little guys yet. Maybe next month I’ll pick up some rain boots for them. I know they will love it!

Neighbor Change

Three houses across the street from us are for sell. That makes it sound like we live in an awful neighborhood or are horrible neighbors. One was transferred and it looks like their house in under contract. The second is up for sell as part of a divorce. The third is getting married! I'm very happy for her but I'm going to miss her. So now I'm praying for wonderful Christian neighbors with great kids.


It seems like every month Corps face changes. He now looks like a grumpy old man but is the sweetest puppy! He is slowly calming down...I have hopes in a year he will be very calm and I will struggle to get in outside to go potty! LOL!! I think Brewster is looking forward to that.

Enjoying a Warm Winter Day!

It felt like 70 degrees. It was so nice I took Austin and Beau to the park.
Liam wanted to stay home with Daddy...he didn't know we were going to the park.

Austin & Max


I see so much of my Dad and uncles in Austin now.


I love this picture...Beau's feet aren't even touching the ground!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way behind

Ok so I haven't blogged in months. I will try to post some pictures from the last couple months today. I’m going to try to blog weekly again. Things have been a bit crazy but I can see the calm coming. I’m working on becoming a registered in-home daycare. Only a couple more things to complete. Right now I’m waiting on paperwork. I’m getting excited about doing this. I miss having a house full of kids.

The Maynard’s blessed us with a computer for the kids!! The one they had been using was so old they couldn’t do any of the learning software. Now with the new one they are having a blast! Of course their favorite thing on the computer is Webkinz…one of the Christmas presents from Lauren! I’m going to use this computer with the daycare too. I’m praying to find some toddlers to watch.

I’ve been moving more things around to get the house ready. I can’t do much during the week but I’m trying to do as much as possible during the weekends. I’m also picking up Saturday shifts at Target. I’m trying to work 23-28 hours a week. That will help increase my checks but even more help me qualify for health insurance for next year. I took off sooo much time in 2009 trying to help my cousin I lost my health insurance for my boys and myself. I want to make sure that never happens again. I hope to qualify for 2012 by October. The extra income will be a huge blessing too! No it’s not going to pay anything off but it will help pay things down!

I’m still going to do the photography business. It’s just on the back burner for now. Right now I’m doing it as a gift. I know there are so many that just can’t afford to get pictures done right now. So I’m going to build my portfolio and bless others!

Austin is signing up for track today. He started his new classes yesterday. He had to write an essay about himself. I would like to read that! I had to work last night so I didn’t get a chance to read it yet. It seems like I blink and he has grown another half an inch. I just took several bags of things he outgrew to a friend’s. I have a feeling I will have more for them in a month! Austin has been able to work a couple days this month. He helps a neighbor who does landscaping. I need to get some pictures of him working one of these days. Jeff – his boss – has become a mentor for him. He also has a wonderful mentor from his Bible study group – Nick. I thank God for placing more honorable men in his life!

Liam is growing like a weed. I have a feeling he will be taller than at the young age of 10 if he keeps growing like this. Next school year should be very interesting. I think he will tower over his peers! LOL!! Liam is such a lovable young man. He is doing much better about picking up his room and the playroom. He loves having Olivia here. He wants to have his own sister. I keep telling him to pray. I ran across a bag in the attic this weekend full of clothes for Liam!! WooHoo. Some are from 2 years ago when I found pants on clearance at Target for $1.25 and sweaters for $1.15! I had started to pray again for God to fill his drawers as I noticed things were again getting small on him. I’m amazed by how much he has grown this winter.

Beau is about an inch shorter than Liam. He is still very thin. I’m very thankful for the adjustable waist pants! Thankfully as I move things out of Liam’s dresser Beau can use most of them. Beau is really getting the hang of reading small words. We are working on their school books daily now. Beau isn’t into as much as Liam is but I know that will change the easier writing gets for him. I’m praying for a learning partner for him. I would love for God to fill my daycare spots with children close to Beau’s age. That will help him when Liam goes to school. Beau also loves Olivia. He wants a sister and he wants to name her Olivia – “Because he loves Olivia soo much”…my sweet boys!