Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liam on Getting Married

This week Liam came to me with a very worried face.
Liam "Mom I can't marry Lauren..she doesn't live with us. We have to live together to get married."
Mom calmly "You can marry Lauren. You have to go to college first then marry Lauren then live together. God wants you to be married first then live together. You need to finish college first because you guys want to have 100 will need a very good paying job to care of them."
Liam relieved "Ok, no one explained this to me but now that I know we don't live together until we are married I can marry Lauren and be happy."
Liam, it's always interesting to see you put things together and learn and grow! I'm so happy you look forward to being married. Your Dad and I want all 3 of you boys to be wonderful husbands and fathers.

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