Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way behind

Ok so I haven't blogged in months. I will try to post some pictures from the last couple months today. I’m going to try to blog weekly again. Things have been a bit crazy but I can see the calm coming. I’m working on becoming a registered in-home daycare. Only a couple more things to complete. Right now I’m waiting on paperwork. I’m getting excited about doing this. I miss having a house full of kids.

The Maynard’s blessed us with a computer for the kids!! The one they had been using was so old they couldn’t do any of the learning software. Now with the new one they are having a blast! Of course their favorite thing on the computer is Webkinz…one of the Christmas presents from Lauren! I’m going to use this computer with the daycare too. I’m praying to find some toddlers to watch.

I’ve been moving more things around to get the house ready. I can’t do much during the week but I’m trying to do as much as possible during the weekends. I’m also picking up Saturday shifts at Target. I’m trying to work 23-28 hours a week. That will help increase my checks but even more help me qualify for health insurance for next year. I took off sooo much time in 2009 trying to help my cousin I lost my health insurance for my boys and myself. I want to make sure that never happens again. I hope to qualify for 2012 by October. The extra income will be a huge blessing too! No it’s not going to pay anything off but it will help pay things down!

I’m still going to do the photography business. It’s just on the back burner for now. Right now I’m doing it as a gift. I know there are so many that just can’t afford to get pictures done right now. So I’m going to build my portfolio and bless others!

Austin is signing up for track today. He started his new classes yesterday. He had to write an essay about himself. I would like to read that! I had to work last night so I didn’t get a chance to read it yet. It seems like I blink and he has grown another half an inch. I just took several bags of things he outgrew to a friend’s. I have a feeling I will have more for them in a month! Austin has been able to work a couple days this month. He helps a neighbor who does landscaping. I need to get some pictures of him working one of these days. Jeff – his boss – has become a mentor for him. He also has a wonderful mentor from his Bible study group – Nick. I thank God for placing more honorable men in his life!

Liam is growing like a weed. I have a feeling he will be taller than at the young age of 10 if he keeps growing like this. Next school year should be very interesting. I think he will tower over his peers! LOL!! Liam is such a lovable young man. He is doing much better about picking up his room and the playroom. He loves having Olivia here. He wants to have his own sister. I keep telling him to pray. I ran across a bag in the attic this weekend full of clothes for Liam!! WooHoo. Some are from 2 years ago when I found pants on clearance at Target for $1.25 and sweaters for $1.15! I had started to pray again for God to fill his drawers as I noticed things were again getting small on him. I’m amazed by how much he has grown this winter.

Beau is about an inch shorter than Liam. He is still very thin. I’m very thankful for the adjustable waist pants! Thankfully as I move things out of Liam’s dresser Beau can use most of them. Beau is really getting the hang of reading small words. We are working on their school books daily now. Beau isn’t into as much as Liam is but I know that will change the easier writing gets for him. I’m praying for a learning partner for him. I would love for God to fill my daycare spots with children close to Beau’s age. That will help him when Liam goes to school. Beau also loves Olivia. He wants a sister and he wants to name her Olivia – “Because he loves Olivia soo much”…my sweet boys!

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  1. Great Blog!
    Keep up the blogs I love to read them!
    I too, have a huge love of photography and what a wonderful idea to take pictures for less fortunate. I know of a certain mom and two daughters that would love a gift like that. I will have to offer that to them.
    Have a blessed day!