Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have been getting some aweful storms at night. I'm very thankful for the rain. Thank you God for watering both yards for me!! I am up late tonight watching Sherk. Beau feel asleep before the strom hit but Liam came running down and the dogs started to freak out so here I am having a slumber party with them. I have a feeling I'm going to need a nap tomorrow!!

Old Pictures

I've been having a lot of fun pulling out old pictures and scanning them in. I don't have very many pictures of me from my childhood. So everyone I find is exciting to me.

I must be about 3 in this picture...I see a lot of me in Beau
I think I'm 2 in this picture...yes I think I'm wearing a boys jacket, it was a hand-me-down from one of my mom's best friends.

Here I am climbing rocks

I think I'm close to 5 in this picture.

Here is one of the only pictures I have of my dad holding me. I'm 13 months in this picture.
I take so many pictures of my boys because I wish I had more of me when I was younger. I think tomorrow I'm going to take more of the boys!!
It's nice to walk down memory lane but even more fun to look forward to what God has for you!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

12 pounds!

I'm down 12 pounds!! I'm thrilled. I still want to drop another 20lbs at least...30 would be great! I should get Jennifer to take some pictures of me. I'm having fun pulling out clothes I haven't been able to wear in a couple years.

A Lesson from a Child

Two weeks ago at Church I saw a lesson from God in a child I didn't know. We sit upstairs for our Church service. There are more kids up there than down stairs. Most people put their kids in Sunday School but if they aren't used to it or maybe too young or for whatever reason you can have them sit with you upstairs. There is a quiet room to take them in if they start to act up. I used that room when I was breastfeeding the little guys. I think that is why we got used to sitting up there. After the songs we sat down and they took up the offering. The plate passed us and it was almost over. Then this little boy sitting near us started to cry and he cried loudly. I thought Oh please take him to the quiet room so I can focus on the service. I saw his mom get up and follow him. He was already up and starting to walk away from where they were sitting. Ok good they are on the move and I will have no problem hearing the service. Well yes they were on the move but they weren't heading for the quiet room...I thought ok maybe it's potty time. No they weren't heading for any of the doors. He walked up to one of the ushers (still crying) and said please let me give my money! I was brought to tears. That's how we should all be! He was so excited to give and then when the plate passed too fast it broke his heart. As soon as he put his money in the tears stopped and he was content! So many people write their check and give out of obligation but they forget it's an joy to give back it's a should be done with a joy filled heart! Thank you God for the reminder!! We should all be like little children! Yes I did tell the mom and the little guy thank you for the reminder after the service.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dread Mill Again

Ok so I got crazy busy and beyond stressed...and I stopped doing the dread mill. I put 3lbs back on...UGH! So now I'm back at it again. I've dropped those pounds in about 4 days and now I'm looking forward to dropping more quickly...or that's what I'm hoping for! I would like to drop 20lbs....or maybe even 30! But I'm thrilled each time I weigh and see any movement in that direction. I'm also counting carbs and protein again. I hope to post good news soon.

4th of July

This year was interesting. Austin got invited to spend the weekend with a neighbor at the beach. I knew he would love watching the fireworks over the ocean and have a lot more fun hanging around with a friend. So he left bright and early on Saturday morning. We have great neighbors and I’m thankful they invited Austin to join their family. I’ve talked to him once a day and look forward to his return.

Liam, my sweet Liam, still doesn’t like loud noises. I wasn’t sure how Beau would react either so we planned another quit night at home watching movies with the little guys. From about 4pm we started to hear loud pops and bangs. Our poor dogs hate fireworks and freak out greatly. None of our dogs allowed upstairs…except on the 4th of July. Well I got Beau to check out the fireworks from the windows at the back of the house. Liam joined us. We went outside…Liam hated it. The noise was sooo much louder outside. So Beau stayed on the deck with Handsome and Liam and I came in. Liam watched the fireworks with me from the windows. Liam loved it once we were inside. Maybe next year we can view the neighbor’s fireworks from the deck as a family. They shot off fireworks for about 3 hours!