Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This year was interesting. Austin got invited to spend the weekend with a neighbor at the beach. I knew he would love watching the fireworks over the ocean and have a lot more fun hanging around with a friend. So he left bright and early on Saturday morning. We have great neighbors and I’m thankful they invited Austin to join their family. I’ve talked to him once a day and look forward to his return.

Liam, my sweet Liam, still doesn’t like loud noises. I wasn’t sure how Beau would react either so we planned another quit night at home watching movies with the little guys. From about 4pm we started to hear loud pops and bangs. Our poor dogs hate fireworks and freak out greatly. None of our dogs allowed upstairs…except on the 4th of July. Well I got Beau to check out the fireworks from the windows at the back of the house. Liam joined us. We went outside…Liam hated it. The noise was sooo much louder outside. So Beau stayed on the deck with Handsome and Liam and I came in. Liam watched the fireworks with me from the windows. Liam loved it once we were inside. Maybe next year we can view the neighbor’s fireworks from the deck as a family. They shot off fireworks for about 3 hours!

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