Monday, July 20, 2009

A Lesson from a Child

Two weeks ago at Church I saw a lesson from God in a child I didn't know. We sit upstairs for our Church service. There are more kids up there than down stairs. Most people put their kids in Sunday School but if they aren't used to it or maybe too young or for whatever reason you can have them sit with you upstairs. There is a quiet room to take them in if they start to act up. I used that room when I was breastfeeding the little guys. I think that is why we got used to sitting up there. After the songs we sat down and they took up the offering. The plate passed us and it was almost over. Then this little boy sitting near us started to cry and he cried loudly. I thought Oh please take him to the quiet room so I can focus on the service. I saw his mom get up and follow him. He was already up and starting to walk away from where they were sitting. Ok good they are on the move and I will have no problem hearing the service. Well yes they were on the move but they weren't heading for the quiet room...I thought ok maybe it's potty time. No they weren't heading for any of the doors. He walked up to one of the ushers (still crying) and said please let me give my money! I was brought to tears. That's how we should all be! He was so excited to give and then when the plate passed too fast it broke his heart. As soon as he put his money in the tears stopped and he was content! So many people write their check and give out of obligation but they forget it's an joy to give back it's a should be done with a joy filled heart! Thank you God for the reminder!! We should all be like little children! Yes I did tell the mom and the little guy thank you for the reminder after the service.

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