Thursday, September 29, 2011

Begining of Fall 2011



Robert, Liam and Beau

Liam with the ducks

Robert and the ducks


Liam and Beau

Liam and Beau



Beau and Liam


Love you Boys!

Love this picture!
Liam and Beau


One of my favorite places to take the boys!

I love to take the boys to here.  We feed the ducks, turtle and fish.  This time Austin wasn't with us.  That only means we need to go again soon!

Fall Pictures!!

Liam age 7!  The sun kept getting in his eyes. 
I'm going to try to do a couple more fall pictures today.

Beau age 5! 

In just a couple weeks Beau will be 6!
Happy Fall!! 
Pictures of the teens to come.

Another Life Lesson

Boys my prayer for you is that you will learn enough to want to change!
You will learn from others mistakes!
You will be teachable!
You will be open to change!

I love you!

Grudges and Forgiveness

Don't hold on to a is short fill it with loving others!

Until you forgive those that have hurt you you can't move get stuck. 
Forgiving doesn't mean you have to include them in your life but that you no longer hold onto the pain caused by their actions. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Music to My Ears

Liam has started to sing along with the radio again.  He has always kinda sung with the radio but now he is singing a little louder.  I love to hear him sing along to the praise music.  We went to Michael’s yesterday to get some craft stuff…almost the whole way there I could hear him singing along.  Then when we got out of the van he continued to sing the song!  I love to hear the boys sing praises to God! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Dreaming of Next Spring!

I'm already picking out the new bushes and flowers I want to add to the yard next spring.

I know what my Christmas gifts to myself will be!!! 
Aren't they pretty! 
I wonder how fast they will grow?
This weekend we are going to work on getting the flowerbeds ready for fall and winter.
Maybe I can get one now?
Every year spring is more beautiful in our yard!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Heaven!

I’ve been slowly picking up the next couple sizes for Liam as I find them on clearance or at GoodWill. I think we have plenty of jeans/pants for this winter and for next winter. This weekend we got a phone call from Angie! We picked up a HUGE tub of clothes. Most of them fit Robert perfectly! So he is going to use them first. He is going to be the best dressed exchange student at the high school this year. Then today a daytime dad passed some more shirts to Austin and Robert. Robert has more clothes right now than he has ever had! Right before school started another daytime dad had brought a HUGE bag of stuff for Austin. Thank you God for providing all the Wonderful clothes! What a huge Blessing! We were even able to pass some on to the youth home!

I’m inspired to go thru my stuff! I pray the person that gets my stuff feels just as Blessed as we do!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Liam seems to outgrow his shoes first!  I noticed at the bus stop about a week ago there was a small hole on one shoe.  Well today I saw the hole was much larger and there was a hole on the other shoe!  So I took him to Target and WooHoo there were some great shoes in the clearance!  I have a feeling these will need to be replaced before winter is over.  He is growing so fast!

More than Half Way!

I’ve taken Liam out two times to sell popcorn. We have only done about half of our neighborhood, but he is already more than half way to his goal!! His goal from Cub Scouts is $498, but I think we are going to try for $600. I’m sure there are some boys who won’t be able to reach their goal amount so we can help make up the difference. I’m also hoping that if we surpass others will also surpass their goal amount and maybe they will lower the renew fee for January.

Liam is doing so well. He is looking the people in the eye and answering most of the questions on his own. I would like for him to speak up some but he is doing well. He isn’t getting tired at all walking door to door and has such a good attitude even when they say no thank you. He did have a hard time for a little bit understanding why someone would say no. I explained it’s just not in everyone’s budget. He accepted that. It was sad to see some of the houses I don’t see often are up for sell and not looking their best. It makes me so thankful we are making ends meet! Thank you God!

I’m going to work on Liam’s Cub Scout shirt today! I know he will be excited to see it when he gets home. I’m so proud of him! He is doing really well memorizing all those wonderful sayings. I know he will get his patch in no time! He has his first Pack meeting this Thursday. I hope to be done selling popcorn by then!

Sadly so far he has only sold one $30 for the military. I’m praying he will hit the $100 mark before we are done!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Liam joined Cub Scouts! 
He has his first meeting tomorrow.
We got him a t-shirt at the parent meeting but I had to order his class A shirt online.  As soon as it comes I will take some pictures. 
He is so excited about being a Cub Scout! 
He has already started selling POPCORN!!  His goal is $498!  Yikes!  Thankfully there is a choice that is only $9!  I walked him up and down our street last night.  We missed a couple people, weren't home at the time, but he has already gotten $88!  I'm going to take him around tonight and this weekend.  I hope to hit that amount this Saturday. 
Next year we will have 2 boys in scouts!  I wonder how many neighborhoods will it take to meet both boys goals! 

This is a badge I would like Liam to get!  I hope he gets a couple orders for service men and women.

Farting Boys

Since Beau started school farting has become humor for both Liam and Beau. I don’t know what it is with boys or maybe it’s just my boys but they think it’s sooo funny when someone farts. Even more funny when they do it!
The other night Beau waited for Handsome to get done praying with him and let one fly. Laughter came from both beds. Then not to be outdone Liam let one even worse go! UGH!!!

Does it make it better or worse that our sweet dog Corps has a gas issue too?

I’m praying they outgrow this before they become interested in girls!