Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Heaven!

I’ve been slowly picking up the next couple sizes for Liam as I find them on clearance or at GoodWill. I think we have plenty of jeans/pants for this winter and for next winter. This weekend we got a phone call from Angie! We picked up a HUGE tub of clothes. Most of them fit Robert perfectly! So he is going to use them first. He is going to be the best dressed exchange student at the high school this year. Then today a daytime dad passed some more shirts to Austin and Robert. Robert has more clothes right now than he has ever had! Right before school started another daytime dad had brought a HUGE bag of stuff for Austin. Thank you God for providing all the Wonderful clothes! What a huge Blessing! We were even able to pass some on to the youth home!

I’m inspired to go thru my stuff! I pray the person that gets my stuff feels just as Blessed as we do!

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