Thursday, September 15, 2011


Liam joined Cub Scouts! 
He has his first meeting tomorrow.
We got him a t-shirt at the parent meeting but I had to order his class A shirt online.  As soon as it comes I will take some pictures. 
He is so excited about being a Cub Scout! 
He has already started selling POPCORN!!  His goal is $498!  Yikes!  Thankfully there is a choice that is only $9!  I walked him up and down our street last night.  We missed a couple people, weren't home at the time, but he has already gotten $88!  I'm going to take him around tonight and this weekend.  I hope to hit that amount this Saturday. 
Next year we will have 2 boys in scouts!  I wonder how many neighborhoods will it take to meet both boys goals! 

This is a badge I would like Liam to get!  I hope he gets a couple orders for service men and women.

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