Monday, September 19, 2011

More than Half Way!

I’ve taken Liam out two times to sell popcorn. We have only done about half of our neighborhood, but he is already more than half way to his goal!! His goal from Cub Scouts is $498, but I think we are going to try for $600. I’m sure there are some boys who won’t be able to reach their goal amount so we can help make up the difference. I’m also hoping that if we surpass others will also surpass their goal amount and maybe they will lower the renew fee for January.

Liam is doing so well. He is looking the people in the eye and answering most of the questions on his own. I would like for him to speak up some but he is doing well. He isn’t getting tired at all walking door to door and has such a good attitude even when they say no thank you. He did have a hard time for a little bit understanding why someone would say no. I explained it’s just not in everyone’s budget. He accepted that. It was sad to see some of the houses I don’t see often are up for sell and not looking their best. It makes me so thankful we are making ends meet! Thank you God!

I’m going to work on Liam’s Cub Scout shirt today! I know he will be excited to see it when he gets home. I’m so proud of him! He is doing really well memorizing all those wonderful sayings. I know he will get his patch in no time! He has his first Pack meeting this Thursday. I hope to be done selling popcorn by then!

Sadly so far he has only sold one $30 for the military. I’m praying he will hit the $100 mark before we are done!

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