Thursday, June 25, 2009

Missing Handsome/Father's Day

I miss Handsome. He is out of town for the night for work. I'm very supportive of him going on his business trips. He works very hard to support our family and is a great provider. When he is not here I just don't sleep well. I miss his smell. I miss listening to him breath. I miss his snore! Yes can you believe that??? I miss feeling him next to me.

I watched P.S. I love you tonight with Jennifer. I cried thru most of it. I can't imagine my life without Handsome. I don't want to go there. I love him beyond words.

Father's day was last weekend. That is always a bitter sweet day for me now. Handsome is a great Dad. Our three boys are blessed to have him for an example. Each year is better than the one before. Handsome's parents came to celebrate Father's Day with him. I know it means a lot to Handsome to spend as many holidays with his Dad now. Knowing about the cancer has made each holiday that much sweeter. For me it's that much harder. My Dad is not a part of my life. I miss him greatly. I want so much for him to know my family. Each holiday that passes is that much more painful knowing that is just another holiday he has missed.

I hope to take some new pictures of Handsome with the boys this month.
I love you Handsome!

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