Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dump Trips

The last couple days I've been loading up items from the old house (better known as the rental house) and taking them to the dump. The renters left an amazing amount in the garage. Sadly they left "food" in both frigs. We had to take one to the dump. There was no saving that one. I don't understand how someone can live in such a dirty place. The house is in good shape, thank you God!!! But they were dirty. I'm thankful the house just needs a good cleaning and it will be back on the market. Sadly the agent told us about how many people were upset about the dirty house that has seen it. I had to wait until I could get into it before I could do anything about that. Today Matt took the day off and helped me with that frig and mowed the backyard. I have the best husband!!! Thank you Handsome!

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