Wednesday, January 27, 2010


All of my boys are tall for their age. Austin is probably right in the mix for a 16 year old boy. He is close to 6'1. Liam is wearing sizes 5-7 depending on what it is. Beau is wearing size 4-6 depending on what it is. We have both Liam and Beau in the same Sunday School class because Beau isn't ready to be in class by himself. Liam is in the right class and Beau is in with kids a year older. Lauren and Jaelyn join us for Church. So when I take the kids to their class I have 3 for one class....Liam and Lauren are the same age and basicly the same size. Almost every time there is a new teacher they remind me the class is for 5 year olds and the bigger kids are down another hall. Thank you for that info, they are 5!! I smile and say "They are 5 but Beau is 4 and won't stay in his own room so they have given him permission to stay with his brother." They always say something like "Wow they look like they are 7!"
I know since we held Liam back one year from starting school he will tower over the other kids! But I also know he will do very well and in a couple years they will catch up. Beau wants to be taller than Liam. He will eat just about anything we tell him it will help him grow taller! LOL!! I think Beau just might be the tallest of the 3...I'm looking forward to seeing my grown sons one day!


  1. My 13 year old is just about an inch shorter than me now and I can't beleive that this time next year he WILL be taller than me! and he is only about 20lbs. lighter than me. Thank God for healthy boys huh? My 8 year old is tall too! You know your boys are growing up when you can share some of the same clothes with them now. LOL!

  2. My 16 year old has been taller than me for a couple's strange but wonderful! I am thankful our boys are tall...the statistics show that taller people make more money and tend to have happier lives. I can wear Austin's shirts but he wears the same size shoe as Handsome!! I have a feeling the next pair he buys will be bigger than Dad's!!