Monday, February 15, 2010

Back at it...

Last fall I lost 20lbs. I took off the holidays knowing it would be too hard to avoid the holiday cookies, sweets, bread...etc... I started to do this last month but there were too many stresses that popped up. Well I'm back at it and going strong. I'm going to do protein shakes only for the first 5 days to give myself a jump start. I put on 6 of that 20lbs back on so I'm hoping to drop those in the next week or two then get started on the next 20! I did the dread mill today with Disney music going. The kids love dancing to the music and Olivia thinks they are putting on a show for her! Great times! I'm looking forward to my clothes getting loose again. I bought a couple things last month to encourage myself to keep it up and motivate myself. I have a black dress I want to get into! My goal is to drop 20lbs by the end of spring.

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