Monday, February 22, 2010

Board Games

Now that Liam and Beau are 4 and 5 we can play board games!!! I have such great memories of playing board games with my Grandparents and with friends. I used to play board games with Austin for hours. I remember my Grandpa Fred teaching me life lessons playing dominoes. He would tell me to make sure I was lining up more than one move at a time and that I needed to be willing to change my moves without getting live! He would point out some moves look good but if you look 2 or 3 moves later they weren't the best choice. He would take the time to explain to me that is like life...You may think you are making a good choice but it's really not the best choice and to pray and look ahead before you make your life choices. I hope to be able to pass on the same lesson to my boys. I also hope to teach them how I learned that from my Grandpa Fred. I miss him greatly!

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