Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We have 3 dogs. So the statement "Please take the dogs out" is said often. Austin takes all three out every morning, when he gets home and before bed. I take them out during the day when he is at school. Today Beau and Liam each asked they could take out a dog. So I let Beau take Brewster out...I will probably have to help a couple more times before Beau can do it on his own but I think Beau can start doing Brewster!! Liam took Max out. Max is Austin's dog but I know Austin would be thrilled not to have to take him everytime! Liam did very well and I will probably only need to help him a couple more times. For the next couple years I think it's gotta be Austin, Handsome or myself to take out Corps. I love that the little boys are willing to take on more responsibilities. They are growing up very fast. I know Austin is going to be thrilled to pass on some of his chores!

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