Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I love this movie. I love the lesson of don't judge a book by its cover! I also love how Bell is not a princess and loves learning!
Almost every slumber party I say "Let's watch Beauty and the Beast" Everytime the boys say "AAWW...not Beauty and the Beast". It's become a funny thing to say knowing they will say no way Mom. I haven't watched it in over 6 months, but last night I did pick that and enjoyed it. The boys fell asleep quickly and didn't see much of the moive.
I'm going to miss my slumber parties with the little guys when Liam starts school.
I know before long we will only be able to have a slumber party on a Friday or Saturday night.
I need to start taking some pictures of them at our next slumber party.

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