Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sorting Game

I have one of those bags in my laundry room that doesn't get that much attention but it should. It's my I only have one of these socks this load...put it in the bag and one day when I have time I will go thru the bag and make pairs. One day last month I asked Austin to do just that. He had lost the privilege to watch tv and needed something to do. LOL! In my house that is alway great for me...I will have you do things I just don't seem to find time to do. Austin didn't seem to thrilled about doing it but he pulled the large bag out of the laundry room and sat down next to the ottoman. He started to pull the socks out one at a time. Liam and Beau thought it looked like fun and wanted to help. So the sorting game began. Austin taught the boys how to bundle the socks together and watched carefully to make sure each one really was a match. They must have found 50 pairs! It was wonderful. Austin had been telling me he needed more socks...not anymore! We found several pairs the little guys had outgrown and passed those on. I did find a couple funny pairs in my drawer! Now the little guys ask often if they can play the sock matching game. Sounds great to me!

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