Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Tired of being

Hassled by your

Stupid parents?

Act Now

Move out, Get a job,

Pay your own bills...

While you still know


I got that for Austin for Christmas. I never realized how much a teenager could debate until Austin became a teenager. Austin can debate what shade of blue the sky is. Or when the little guys are given video game time and I ask him if he is playing too. He doesn’t answer that he just says the little ones are playing. I know they are I’m asking are you – who should be studying or doing chores – playing??? Austin plans to become a biochemist but I’m thinking attorney would be good too! I know this ability to debate must be a gift from God but when he is debating his chores or what we ask him to do it’s hard to praise him for this skill. Liam has started to debate what he is asked to do! UGH! When Austin sees Liam debate what he is asked to do Austin does realize how annoying it is.
I love you Austin!!


  1. LOL. I guess I won't be laughing that hard when Aiden and Jake are teenagers.