Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Playing at the park is always fun. I'm looking forward to more days of running in the grass and playing at the park.

Today is very windy but we had a good time. Liam and Lauren pretended to be monkeys! I love the funny monkey sounds they make when they pretend to be monkeys. I wish I knew how to put video on here. I would record them so you could hear them!!

Lauren is the only one that is really good at swinging. She is getting so good at pumping her own legs. She is growing up so fast!

Beau won't go down the slides. I'm not sure why he has gone down all the smaller slides in the past. But today he said "Not Me first...nope not Me. Lauren you want to go first then I'll go" Lauren was happy to go first. She goes done the largest slide laughing the whole way down so a small slide is simple for her. She went down and then Beau said "NOPE" and went right back down the stairs. I offered to hold his hand so he could go down but he said No. I'm not sure why he is afraid now but I'm sure this too will pass.

I love this picture of Liam. It's a little blurry but I love that you can see how silly he is. They all had such a good time.

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