Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm gonna marry....

One night while I was at work Liam and Beau told Handsome who they are going to marry....just so we know.
Liam said he is going to marry Lauren.
Beau said when he is grown up he is going to marry Mommy!
I already love Lauren so that works for me!!! Aaaww!!! Beau how sweet! So after talking about it for a couple days....Beau has decided he is going to marry Kendall! I've always thought they would be good together.
It's it funny how a 3 year old can very calmly tell you who they have decided would be a good spouce, then tell you why they want a Star Wars birthday and ask for something to eat without noticing you are still stuck on they are talking about getting married. LOL!!!

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