Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Corp Surgery

Yesterday Corp had surgery. He had his eye fixed, which could happen again. He had his belly fixed. So now I have to carry him down the couple steps to go potty and no running, jumping no walks for 14 days!! It's hard but I have to pretty much keep him in his crate. He wants so badly to run around - once his pain pills kick in. And he got fixed so no little Corps in the future. When he can start running around again I will take some pictures of him. I've got to take him for weekly check ups to make sure everything is healing correctly.


  1. Poor Corp! Our dog had to have a tumor removed from the side of his face a few months back, and it was interesting to watch him relearn how to go around corners, given the Queen's collar he had to wear for a few weeks. Hope Corp does a bit better!