Monday, May 4, 2009

Diet again!

I took the boys to the local Spring Fest on Saturday. We had so much fun. Each of the boys got new helmets for free!!! I think it's about time to get Liam a 2 wheeler bike, but he said he isn't ready yet. I had my blood sugar checked while we were there. It's high! So back on the diabetic diet. UGH! I know I have to stick to it so I will. I'm also walking on the dread mill for 30 minutes a day, at least to start. 15grams of carbs for breakfast is hard. There isn't much I want to eat that is only 15 grams. Handsome said eat a salad for breakfast or some meat. Those sound great for lunch, dinner or even a snack but not for breakfast. Today both Handsome and I started our new lifestyles...better known as diets. I need to eat more protien and Handsome needs to eat less protien! LOL!! I hope to report weight loss soon! I'm going to get a meter today so I can also keep track of that too. I know that will make a huge difference in how I feel. Hopefully I won't be so tired anymore.

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