Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Big First Grader, Liam

Now that you are in First Grade you seem to have aged and matured. You are adjusting to First Grade and all the new homework with ease. I am very proud of you! Thank you for being a good example for Beau. Please remember to have kind hands and kind words!

I love how in this picture we can see the 2 teeth missing that match up on the same side! You are just growing up too fast!

You can be very silly. I can't tell if you have Dad's humor or Austin's. I think it might be a good mix of both!

Yep you are a Silly One!

I love how the you said if someone likes you they will tell you "You are flaming Hot" in this shirt! You are 7 going on 22!

I'm proud to be your Mom! I love you so much! I love your tender heart! I love how sweet you are! I love that you love to read! I look forward to what God has for you! I know you want to be a hero of some kind...most of the time you say Fire Fighter.

I think it's funny this is your current favorite shirt and you want to be a Fire Fighter!

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