Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giving Back

This year is the first year all of our boys are in school. In the past we have made a point to work with Austin on ways to give back. Either with friends, someone in need or even just joining in a sevice project. The little boys understand keeping their clothes in good shape so that we can pass them on to others. But this year I would like to find a way for our boys to give back together. Robert is from a country in need. I think coming here has highlighted how far behind they are. So far for me what sticks out the most is the fact they don't have hot water very often so they only shower once a week! WoW. I use hot water 90% of the time. How do you wash dishes and really get them clean if the water isn't hot? I wash our whites, towels and bedding in hot water. I melt the day away in a super hot soak in the tub. Unlike our homes they don't have hot water heaters in their homes. They depend on the goverment to provide hot water. I would like to ship over a hot water heater...not sure they would know what to do with it but I think it would change their lives. I'm not able to do that so I want to help open Roberts eyes to the changes here he can take home with him. Giving is one of them. So I'm praying for a program or a situation that all the boys can do together. I'm wondering if there is someone in need of yard work in our area???

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