Friday, September 4, 2009

Corps, Beau & Liam

I don't have Olivia today so I am spending part of the day working with Corps.

He chews up bones so fast I found this dog toy in our dog box and hope this last longer. I think it will. I'm also working with Beau not being afraid of Corps. Corps has a large bark...I'm thankful since that will be one thing that makes someone think before breaking into our house but it also scares Beau. Corps loves the boys....

Aaww...sitting so nice together.

Ok time to sit next to Liam...

Liam is worried Corps will be gassy!!! LOL!!

Corps has no idea why they laugh so hard at him!

Almost found the right spot,

Make room Liam!!!

Ok maybe it's me, but I think he is one of the cutest dogs I've ever owned. Handsome thinks he isn't very cute. How can you look at this face and think it's anything but cute?? Ok so he snores very loud and has horrible gas, but he brings so much laughter to our lives and loves us sooo much!

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