Friday, September 4, 2009


Meet Miss Olivia!!

This is the very sweet 15 weeks old I'm now watching. She is a very happy baby! She rarely cries and has the best smiles. I'm excited to watch her grow. I was a little bit nervous that the little guys might be a little jealous. Not at all. Liam was so excited to see her when he got up. They both wanted to know if we could keep her and she could be their sister! Just yesterday they realized she lives next door! We are working on rolling over and sitting up. Beau has already said he will share his special blanket with her. He won't even let Liam touch his special blanket. How sweet! Liam told her yesterday "I love you Olivia and I'm glad you come now!" Beau tells me everyday "Can she crawl yet? Put her on the floor I bet she can." He wants so much for her to be able to play with him.

Thank you God for another sweet girl to love on! We miss Lauren greatly!

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