Thursday, September 24, 2009


I got one of those phone calls no mother ever wants to get this last Tuesday.
I was at work for a whole 10 minutes, then the phone rang. It was Handsome.
Beau had gotten hurt and was bleeding.
I rushed home.
Beau had lied to Handsome and said he ran into the wall.
One look at his face and I knew that wasn't the truth.
I HATE lies!
Thankfully Beau told me the truth, he had been jumping on the bed!
He fell off and hurt his head!
Okay so Beau what did you learn from this?
Don't jump on the bed.
He looks awful!!!
I'm thinking he will learn this lesson now and I won't have to talk to him about jumping on his bed anymore.
I sent the little guys upstairs today to clean their room.
I heard tons of noise that didn't sound like cleaning. I found them in Austin's room playing with a ball! They aren't allowed in Austin's room when Austin's isn't home. So time out on their beds!
Ten minutes later I hear more crazy noises. What do I find???
Liam and Beau both jumping on their beds & singing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed..."
Are you kidding me??? Don't they get the song? Didn't Beau learn from falling and getting hurt? What is it going to take for them to learn to stop jumping on beds???
I want to get them a trampoline for Christmas. I would feel much better about them jumping like monkeys on that than their solid wood beds!

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