Monday, July 18, 2011

Mohammed and Mustafa

We have hosted two sixteen year olds from Iraq for the last ten days. This is our second time hosting someone from Iraq. Both of these boys are from Baghdad but didn't know each other until this program. Baghdad is a very large city. They live 50 miles apart and their schools don't play each other in sports. We have had some good times together and some frustrating times. What I'm going to take from the frustrating times is that it is easier to host one at a time. Hosting just one allows them to spend more time with the family and get to know our America and culture. When there are two they get homesick together and spend a lot of time in their room. I'm sure that isn't the case every time but this is the lesson I'm going to take from this time. We learned a couple new things about their culture. I know each child that comes to our home God brings them here for a reason.

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