Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Yard is Blooming

We got 2 free trees in the making this year from Lowes. It will take a couple years before they are big enough to be planted. But for now they are slowly growing in pots on the front porch. I'm going to add these to the other house. I'm looking forward to adding lights to them this Christmas!
I love the beautiful blue flowers we have all around the yard!

Each year the hydrangeas are more beautiful!

Our daylilies

Our baby weeping cherry tree...it's gotten bigger already!

Our tree in the front has started to give us some shade! WooHoo!

Our newest flowerbed. The bushes are very young but they will grow quickly. I'm going to add compost this weekend.


Butterfly bush...we now have 5 butterfly bushes!

Our surprise flower...this one popped up from the squirrel restaurant

Crape Myrtles

Every year the yard gets more beautiful. Every year more birds come to visit. Every year the back yard becomes more enjoyable.

I still hope to add a firepit to the back. I hope to do that this fall.

My rose bushes...I love them!

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