Thursday, January 29, 2009


Art is always so much fun. Lauren’s parents got the little ones each a set of paints for Christmas. We got those out yesterday. They had to really squeeze hard on the tubes to get the paint to come out. It quickly became finger painting. I want to come up with someway to use these paints to make Valentine’s cards. I love that these paints are washable. We are going to pull them out today again. They really loved them yesterday.

They each have their own style. Lauren uses more paint and covers more of the paper. Liam uses less paint but tries to cover as much paper with that. Beau uses the least amount of paint and just puts little spots of paint on the paper. Liam doesn't like to be messy at all but he had a great time using his figures.

I love art. I hope to find a couple pictures they make to frame and hang in the playroom.

You just may see their pictures in a gallery one day! But until then the wall of fame in the playroom will have beautiful pictures!

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