Monday, January 26, 2009

God Provides

I’m always so excited when God provides for the things I’m praying for and over joyed when he provides even before I start praying for something. Hand-me-downs are one of the ways God continues to bless our socks off. Austin used to get wonderful hand-me-downs from friends but now that he is wearing men’s sizes and is so thin we are getting things for him on sale or the clearance racks. I also pick up things for the little guys from the clearance racks at work (Target). I pick up great deals a size or two big for next year for the little guys but I don’t pick up that much for them because God continues to provide for them with wonderful hand-me-downs. I’m soo thankful for the friends who think of our boys when they are cleaning out the clothes their kids have outgrown. One of our dear friends has even passed things to us for Lauren. I can’t tell you how loved I felt and how blessed I felt that she would think about her too. I love Lauren. She was just as excited as the boys get when we went thru the bag of new to her things. We have another friend that just sent us a couple of boxes/bags of random love. Thank you God!!

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