Sunday, January 11, 2009


Beau is having a hard time with independence. At home he is fine. He likes to do things on his own and does really well with most things. But being away from me or Matt is just something he is not ready for or just doesn’t want. When we drop him off at Sunday school he has a melt down. Beau doesn’t calm down in a couple minutes. For the entire time we are gone he has a complete melt down. It breaks my heart. There are times when he is ok with me going to work and other times he cries for a while even with Matt home. We are going to try putting Beau in the same class with Liam and see if that helps. I stayed with Beau in his class today. I did that with Liam 2 times when he was 3 and then Liam was fine on his own. Beau won’t look at the other kids. Beau won’t play with the other kids. Beau won’t do any of the songs or movements at the special fun place the kids go to for their program and story. He even started to cry when he was sitting at the table in his classroom when I picked up the toys that were out so the teacher won’t have to. Please pray for him. I want him to feel comfortable and safe even when I’m not there. At home he is such an outgoing fun-loving guy. I’m hoping this is just a stage he will outgrow quickly.

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  1. He will grow out of it, for some, it just takes a little more time. Even I go through phases like that though... Haha....
    I watched Click last night,... man, that movie makes me cry everytime at the end... I really miss my dad after that movie.