Saturday, January 3, 2009

Max & Brewster

Poor Max. He misses going for long walks/runs with Austin. Now that the weather is cold Austin only takes the dogs on a 15 minute walk. Max is 4 years young and full of energy. Both dogs chase each other around the fireplace then around the ottoman. Max is our rescue dog. We got him from the local pound. Max is the sweetest, most gentle and very loving dog. Max is Austin's dog. Max knows when the school bus is coming to bring Austin home. He will wait by the door or one of the front windows. It's the sweetest thing to see. Max loves the fireplace. If he is getting too wild in the house I turn the fireplace on. It only take about 2 minutes for him to realize it’s on and lay down right in front of it.

Brewster hates cold weather! Brewster hates hot weather! He is our high maintenance dog. He will curl up into the tightest ball to try to stay warm. I will try to get a picture of him walking on his back legs for you. He gets so excited when people come over that he walks on his back legs and waves hi.

I would like to get another dog. That will probably have to wait until next year.

Here is Brewster asleep in the sun. Yes he is covering his eyes so the sunlight doesn't bother his nap! Sometimes I'm not sure he knows he is a dog!

This is a picture of Max waiting for Austin to get home from school. He opens the curtains himself. I know when Austin goes back to school Monday Max is going to be lost for a couple days.

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