Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fire Alarm!

Tonight I set off the fire alarm for the first time. We have one tied into our alarm so that if we aren’t home they can call the fire department for us. I made 2 packages of bacon for our BLT’s (part of our dinner) tonight for the first time. I normally only cook one package at a time. But tonight was Jennifer’s first night so I wanted to make sure we had enough. About 7 pieces into the second package the alarm goes off. I couldn’t tell at first if it was the house one or the alarm one (they are about 7 inches apart. Then I could hear a voice saying fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm…etc. I quickly put in the code. Thankful I did it in time for the alarm company to know we are home and the house is not on fire. I would have been sooo embarrassed if the fire trucks had come rolling up to find it was because I made some bacon! I told Matt if I didn’t get the code in in time I was going to tell them my husband is so hard I over heated! LOL!!! Thankfully no fire trucks came. What a welcome Jennifer got!

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