Monday, March 16, 2009


I've had a compost tumbler for about 3 years now. I'm not as good about turning it as often as I should. I should turn it daily but I only remeber to do it about twice a month. I turned it today. I'm going to try to do it more often. We plan to build a raised bed this weekend for a small garden. I know I won't be able to plant anything yet but we will be ready. I plan to pull out as much compost as possible to add to the garden. The compost tumbler we have collects the drippings. I'm going to use that to water the bushes in the back. I hope to see a difference in those bushes with all the rain and compost water they will be getting. I noticed the blackberry bushes are coming back now. This weekend I'm also going to put grass seed down. With all the rain we have had we should have some new grass popping up quickly. I'm looking forward to putting the patio funiture in the backyard and the rabbit back out. I also want to put a peach tree in the backyard. I would like to add some bulbs and flowers but one step at a time. I know in a couple years the backyard will be a beautiful play land. We got our BJ's 2% back this last weekend. I'm going to get some bulbs with that. That's a start!!!
Pictures to come!! For anyone who is thinking about getting a compost tumbler I love mine. The compost helps so much with the awful clay soil here. I would love to get a second one, but for now I'm so thankful for the one we have!

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  1. I am making a compost bin this week. Our weather is still yucky, but I know spring will get here eventually. We are hoping to do raised beds too.