Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today I took Liam to get his hair cut. Liam asked me if I would stand by him while she cut his hair. I stood there until Beau had to go potty. When we came back I listened to his conversation.
Great Clips lady – How old is your brother?
Liam – He is 3.
Great Clips lady – Are you guys buddies?
Liam – Sometimes.
Great Clips lady – Do you have another brother or sister?
Liam – yes, he is 15.
Great Clips lady – Are you buddies with him?
Liam – Sometimes.
Then Beau said Liam I love you.
To that Liam looks at the lady very seriously and says Sometimes Beau wants me and I don’t want him and sometimes I want Beau and he doesn’t want me. Sometimes we want to play with each other at the same time….that is when we have fun.
I turned around and laughed…I also noticed 2 other mom’s having a good laugh. One of the other moms said I can’t believe he is carrying on a conversation with her. Her son said about 2 words to the person cutting his hair.

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