Friday, March 6, 2009

My House is Melting!!!

Seriously my house is melting!!! I had the builder come out today and look at a crack in the foundation and a drainage issue. The crack isn't a big deal and they are going to fix it no problem. The drainage issue they are going to fix with a type of French drain. He noticed we have melting siding while looking at the crack. The dining room window is reflecting the suns rays onto the siding of the morning room. He is having that replaced too. He said he will probably have to have it replaced a couple times until the company comes up with a no melt product or the window company he is working with comes up with a no glare glass. Who knew siding melt?? Thankfully we have a great builder who is placing or fixing all the issues no problem.

My quest for grass begins in a couple weeks!! I hope to have 50% more grass by the end of April!! I'm looking forward to having beautiful grass for the kids to play in this summer!!

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  1. That's good that he said he'd work and fix it! I'm glad you have a great builder as well!