Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Weather!

Today's high was something like 77 degrees!! We went to the park!! Yep to the park without jackets or mud puddles. I also forgot my camera so you will just have to imagine how nice it was and all the fun. I loved watching the little guys chasing Daddy in the grass. I got Beau to go down the slide 2 times. He used to love the slides. I'm not sure why he doesn't anymore. Liam of course went down the biggest slide as many times as possible.

We also moved the rabbit to the side yard! I know he must be thrilled not to be in the garage anymore.

Tomorrow I'm buying a peach tree tomorrow!! I know we won't get peaches for the first couple years but I'm looking forward to having fresh peaches from our backyard! We have 3 small peach trees at the rental house. I hope the renters water them. Last year each tree produced at least 6 peaches each. This year they should have even more! I'm also going to get some spring flowers for the pots on the front porch. I love spring!!!

Tomorrow's high is forecasted to be 80!! Yes last week we had snow, today we all wore shorts.

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