Monday, March 16, 2009

Because I'm BIG now....

Last night before we made dinner Matt called me to the living room. He pulled backed curtains and showed me the windows were open. I think he was going to fuss at me for not closing those days ago or Austin for opening them when the heat was on. I said I had no idea they were open. I asked Liam if he knew who opened them. Liam said "Beau did it". Beau?!?!? My thin 3 year old open the windows? Liam says that at times when he does something and doesn't want to get into trouble. But I asked Beau if he opened the windows. Beau said "Yes, because I'm BIG now. I can open them when I need to" What?!?!? I explained it's too cold to have the windows open now and that he can help me open windows when I want them open. He was happy with the thought of helping me and agreed not to open them without Mommy. This week I'm going to get some type of window safety item for the windows in the playroom.

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