Saturday, March 21, 2009

Front porch

I love our front porch. Before this house I wasn't really a front porch person but Handsome has said he wanted a nice big porch for years. So when we picked what we wanted on this house that was on the top of the list. I got 2 pots last year with our 2% back BJ's check. I love getting things for free!!! Last year I filled them with red, white and blue/purple flowers. We enjoyed those greatly. Now that it's warmer and I can plant in those pots again I took Beau to pick out flowers. We walked around Lowe's for a good while. I was placing things - in my mind - together. I wanted to do something different that just flowers and grasses. It seems like everyone does that. We went up and down the isles a couple times. I noticed an area we hadn't looked at. It was full of berry bushes and fruit trees. I saw some strawberry plants. So we got 3 strawberry plants for each pot and one flower to go in the middle. I love strawberries. So do the kids. I can't plant them yet. We are going to have a frost tonight. But I'm looking forward to watching them grow and as they multiply I'm going to put some in the flower beds. Maybe next year we will get more to line the back bed too. Because of the frost we are putting off the raised bed until next weekend.

I'll add a picture this week after I get them in the pots!

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