Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grape Vines

I got some grape vines today to grow up the fence on the side of the backyard. We have blackberry vines for the back of the yard. I thought about buying Wisteria to grow on that side but I think that is too aggressive and might take over the rest of the yard and the neighbor’s yard. I also love having fresh food right in my own backyard. In our current yard we have blueberries, blackberries and now grapes. The salad garden and peach tree will be added this weekend. I know we probably won’t get grapes this year but I’m looking forward to it. I know the kids are going to love being able to go right outside for a snack! I also plan to add more blueberry bushes to the landscaping around the house. Blueberries are so healthy for you and cost way too much at the store. I plan to add some more evergreen bushes to the side of the house this spring along with at least 2 more blueberry bushes. They do die back during the winter but when they come back they are beautiful and full of yummy berries.

I walked the rental house backyard. The peach trees over there are blooming. The flowering pears are both in full bloom too. They will have about 10 peaches this year per tree and a handful of apples from each tree too. I have thought about adding blueberry bushes over there too but I’m not sure that is in the budget right now and I don’t know that the renters will take of them.

I will post pictures when we get everything planted and built. I’m so excite to see all the changes this year! I know it is going to take a couple years for everything to fill in.

I also got a couple flowering bulbs to plant outside the sunroom. We are going to have flowers this year!!! I miss having flowers. I love spring! I hope we have something blooming by Easter.


  1. I wouldn't invest too much in plants for a rental home, you just never know if the tenants will give it the same care you do.

  2. Our rental home was our last house we lived in. We had a least to purchase contract on it but that fell thru. We now have renters. All the landscaping we did over there is what we did when we lived there. I think our oldest will end up living there after college. I thank God every time we get a rental payment and are able to pay that mortgage. Who knows it just might end up being our next house when we downsize. Sadly I think you are right, the renters probably won't take good care of the yard. I thank God for watering the trees and bushes with all this rain. The only upside is that anything we do to that house at this point is a tax deduction.